SmartCode® - Patient data at the touch of a button

In today's world monitoring patient adherence is a vital part of successful CPAP therapy. It can be time consuming and costly; however, with SmartCode - an innovative and no-cost solution, patient adherence is monitored effectively and efficiently.

SmartCode is an alpha-numeric code that is shown on the display of the IntelliPAP. Much like a bar code, the character and sequence of the characters contain vital CPAP usage data in an encrypted form. Once the code is decrypted using our on-line SmartCode Report Generator, usage data - and depending on the device, efficacy data - is presented in an easy-to-read and understand report. Reports can be saved as a pdf and placed in the patient's record.

The benefits of SmartCode are that the CPAP does not need to be directly connected to the computer, nor does it use memory cards. SmartCode is available in every model of IntelliPAP without additional fees or equipment/software, and provides insightful data that can be used to determine a patient's compliance and monitor the effectiveness of the prescribed therapy.

  IntelliPAP® Standard IntelliPAP® Standard Plus IntelliPAP® AutoAdjust IntelliPAP® Bilevel S
Patient Information * x x x x
Usage Data Available for Last 90 Days, Last 30 Days, Last 7 Days, and Last Day
% Days at Least 4 Hours x x x x
Day Count x x x x
Days at Least 4 Hours x x x x
95th Percentile Pressure     x  
90th Percentile Pressure     x  
AHI   x x x
Pressure Plateau Time     x  
High Leak Flow Time   x x x
Non-Responding Event Index (NRI)   x x x
Expiratory Puff Index (EPI)   x x x
While Breathing Hours Last Day x x x x
Adherence Score x x x x
Cumulative Usage
% Days at Least 4 Hours x x x x
Day Count x x x x
% Days at Least 4 Hours x x x x
Average Hours Per Day x x x x
While Breathing Hours x x x x
Provider Information * x x x x
Referring Physician * x x x x
Devices Information * x x x x
Prescription Setting * x x x x